VICIdial Contact Center and Call Center Solution

VICIdial Contact Center and Call Center Solution

vicidial Contact Center and Call Center logoWhy spend a fortune on a Contact Center or Call Center platform when you can use VICIdial, the most popular open-source Contact Center solution in the world? VICIdial Contact Center and Call Center solution was designed and built around the unique needs of call centers and can be integrated with your existing phone system. Maximize your marketing dollar with VICIdial’s powerful tracking features that result in more phone call conversions.

PhoneGuys will implement the hardware required to make VICIdial Contact Center work for your business. VICIdial’s inherent scalability makes it perfect for any Contact Center or Call Center by having the ability to use one agent or hundreds of agents. By offering ongoing VICIdial support, we ensure you never have to worry about costly downtime. PhoneGuys can also implement plug-in features and write custom code for VICIdial to help you better serve your customers.

Contact Center and Call Center descriptionWould your business benefit from the VICIdial Call Center platform? Contact PhoneGuys for more information about VICIdial, and discover how small to medium sized businesses all over the world are able to remain competitive using the VICIdial Call Center platform at an affordable price.

VICIdial – A Powerful Open-Sourced Contact Center and Call Center Platform that You Can Afford

  •  VICIdial Contact Center is perfect for any business looking for a Call Center System.
  •  Enjoy tighter management and reporting with metrics that help you maximize your marketing dollar.
  •  Answer calls quicker, and handle them more efficiently and professionally with VICIdial’s robust features.
  •  PhoneGuys offers hardware and feature implementation and backs it up with ongoing VICIdial support.
  •  No ongoing licensing fees mean VICIdial’s monthly cost is the price of your phone bill.

What else can VICIdial Contact Center and Call Center platform do for you?

VICIdial Contact Center is far more powerful than a mere phone system. The VICIdial Contact Center platform includes a component for data tracking that allows you to streamline your operation in countless ways. Who are your agents talking to? Find out with VICIdial’s powerful metrics. Because VICIdial was built for Call Centers, it can easily be integrated with any existing phone system.

VICIdial – An intuitive contact center solution that evolves along with your business.

VICIdial Contact Center is open source software, which means that it can be inspected and enhanced by anyone. Programmers can access VICIdial’s source Contact Center and Call Center descriptioncode to improve or customize the software by adding features or solving inherent issues. Not only does this make VICIdial infinitely scalable and customizable, it allows it to evolve organically along with your business.

What follows is a brief rundown of VICIdial’s Contact Center and Call Centers most powerful features.

  •  One Interface to Empower Your Agents – VICIdial gives your agents the power to handle inbound and outbound calls, emails, and web-based chat with customers – all on one screen. Skills-based routing means emails and calls can be seamlessly directed to the most appropriate agent, and VICIdial ‘s Queue Prioritization routes more important calls to the front of the line.
  •  Three Types of Outbound Dialing – Agent-Controlled dialing allows agents to manually dial a number. Broadcast dialing allows VICIdial to make calls and play a pre-recorded message, eliminating the need for an agent. Predictive Dialing makes it possible for VICIdial to keep agents busy by calculating how many phone calls should be placed in their queue. Numerous settings you to customize how VICIdial’s predictive dialing algorithm responds to calls.
  •  Integrated Call Recording – VICIdial allows you to record all inbound calls or put that power in the hands of your agents. All phone call recordings are archived automatically and easily accessible.
  •  Versatility Allows Agents to Work from Almost Anywhere – If your agent has an internet connection, a computer, and a phone, VICIdial makes it possible for them to work from your contact center, their home, or just about anywhere else in the world. VICIdial’s Strong Data Encryption keeps your customer’s data safe and secure from any location.
  • Data Integration with CRM Software – VICIdial is capable of integrating with a wide variety of the most popular CRM systems, even with those that allow web-based integrations. This VICIdial feature empowers your agents with pertinent customers data that pops up on a web page whenever a customer calls, and is even capable of back-end data synchronization.
  • Contact Center and Call Center at work
  • Virtually Limitless Customizable Settings – Your business needs are unique, so your contact center must be capable of custom configurations that meet those needs. VICIdial allows you to build a system customized with whatever settings work best for your agents.
  • Real-Time Reports – As a supervisor or manager, you’ll have access to real-time reports that offer valuable data regarding calls in your system and the status of your agents. VICIdial can also provide you with reports that show daily call counts, sales, and DNCs. You can also monitor agent phone calls with VICIdial’s “click-to-listen” feature.
  • Full Government Regulatory Compliance – VICIdial includes tools that make it easy for your contact center to stay in compliance with
  • regulatory requirements in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

There are countless other features included in the VICIdial package – far too many to list on this page. Because VICIdial is open-source software, it is limited only by the imagination of the programmer. If you have questions about any of VICIdial’s features or would like to know whether it will suit your specific needs, contact one of our sales agents today.

You’ll save a fortune without making any sacrifices

Integrating a name brand contact center platform can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Few small to medium sized businesses can budget for this kind of expense. VICIdial offers the same features and integration as its brand name competitors, and we can install it for a fraction of the price. This allows smaller enterprises to remain competitive, without sacrificing productivity.


PhoneGuys can integrate your VICIdial Contact Center and Call Center system at a price well within your budget. Because there are no recurring licensing fees with VICIdial, your monthly cost is the amount of your phone bill. With VICIdial’s powerful metrics that allow you to track important data, you also save money by maximizing your marketing dollar while increasing phone call conversions.

Ongoing VICIdial support from PhoneGuys’ team of experts

Contact Center and Call Center on a call

With the money you save on integration, you can invest in a support plan from the PhoneGuys team. Our familiarity with your integration makes it easy for us to help your call center evolve as your business grows. If you would like to incorporate one of VICIdial’s many add-ons or feature implementation to your software suite, we can quickly make it happen.

From hardware configurations to custom software modifications, we can help you meet new and challenging demands with ease. We offer a complete range of support and consulting solutions for businesses of all sizes. Your PhoneGuys VICIdial support plan can also be customized in whatever way you choose so that you only pay for useful services.

Emergency support is also available so that you never have to worry about expensive downtime. From installation, throughout integration, and at any time of day or night, PhoneGuys is ready to help you get the most out of your VICIdial Contact Center.

What is the difference between a call center and a phone system?

Contact Center and Call Center reportsThe key difference between a phone system and VICIdial’s powerful open-source contact center software is the data component that empowers managers and supervisors to maximize efficiency. Your VICIdial system will include dozens of standard reports that can be scheduled to run at specific times. Just a few of these reports include:

  •   Agent reports
  •   Time reports
  •   Inbound reports
  •  Outbound reports
  •   Inbound IVR reports
  •   Campaign status reports
  •   Agent time detail
  •   Time clock reports

The value of these VICIdial reports cannot be overstated. These metrics can be used for a variety of purposes to streamline operations while maximizing the efficiency of your agents.

A built in VICIdial quality control module allows supervisors to review calls after they’re completed. Audio recordings can be reviewed and the customer’s status codes and record can be edited.

VICIdial was designed for call centers

Because VICIdial was built and designed for the unique demands of a call center, it can be integrated with most types of existing phone systems and software. This customized approach to VICIdial’s design makes it possible to seamlessly scale its integration from one user up to hundreds of users. Businesses of all sizes are discovering VICIdial’s limitless possibilities, which means it will only get better with time.

More information about VICIdial Contact Center and Call Center

The VICIdial agent interface works through a web browser, allowing access from anywhere on the globe. All you need is an internet browserContact Center and Call Center happy people to access the suite. Managers are also able to access the interface online, where they can review real-time reports and oversee detailed campaign settings.

Major VICIdial Contact Center and Call Center features include the following:

  •  Inbound and outbound call handling
  •  Inbound email handling
  •  Predictive dialing
  •  Full regulatory compliance in the US, Canada, and the UK
  •  Web-based interfaces for agents and managers
  •  Remote agent access
  •  Integrated phone call recording
  • Three-way calling within the application
  • Scheduled callbacks
  •  Voicemail boxes and web-configurable IVRs
  •  Full scalability up to hundreds of seats
  • Open-sourced licensing with no cost

As the most popular open-source contact center solution in the world, VICIdial is capable of handling more than a million calls a day. VICIdial has also won a number of industry awards and was recognized as a best-in-class solution by Internet Telephony East in 2011.

Instead of paying software licensing fees that lock you into a contract, PhoneGuys will help you get the most from VICIdial by customizing a Contact Center and Call Center reportinghardware and software package that meets your needs and allows for future growth.

Trust PhoneGuys with your VICIdial Contact Center and Call Center installation and support

At PhoneGuys, we’ve earned our reputation as the leading VICIdial integration company. With more than 20 years of experience in the contact center industry, we have the qualifications to handle your VICIdial integration from start to finish. Our support service will help keep you connected 24/7 and allow you the freedom to add features to your VICIdial call center software as your business evolves.

PhoneGuys can help you anywhere in the United States, whether you operate from one state or multiple states. You can contact us today for a no-obligation consultation, and find out whether VICIdial is right for you. VICIdial can be integrated with most phone systems, which makes it especially attractive to many small to medium-sized business owners.

Empower your agents with VICIdial’s diverse and fully customizable array of call center features with open-source software that is entirely free. We will get you set up and keep you running smoothly so that you can focus on the needs of your customers.

Contact us today for more information about VICIdial.