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Security Surveillance Camera Systems

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Security Surveillance Camera Systems

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and with that Security Surveillance Camera Systems right along with it. Every business needs some level of security, some more than others. Businesses who need Security Surveillance turn to us because we provide the highest quality equipment at an affordable price. With our lineup of Hanwha Camera Systems, you get all the critical features your business needs while taking advantage of all the newest technology. We Design, Install and help you manage your Security Camera System so you get the right solution for your business needs. 

Do I Need a Security Surveillance Camera System?

Security Surveillance Camera Systems are a growing necessity for any business. Whether you run a small business, like a retail store or coffee shop, or if you have a large corporation or manage security for a public space or high rise, Proper Surveillance can help you monitor your day to day business while making sure your company, employees or your patrons are safe and secure. Proper placement of your cameras and signage is extremely important because it can help deter would-be criminals. Your Security Surveillance Camera Systems can help catch a criminal in the act, but preventing a crime is ideal. Give us a call to schedule your no-obligation demo today. 

Security Surveillance Camera System Options

Hanwha Techwin enhances its legacy in video surveillance with Wisenet P Series 4K Ultra HD Security cameras. The P Series lineup offers all the latest features and technology at the most affordable price in the industry. 

  • Indoor and Outdoor Camera Line Up
  • Max. 12MP Resolution
  • Triple Codec H.265/H.264/MJPEG
  • 120 dB True Wide Dynamic Range & P-Iris
  • Max. 20fps@12MP, Max. 30fps @ 4K (Bullet, Dome)
  • Max 20fps @12MP, Max 25fps @ 9MP (4k Fisheye)
  • WiseStream technology
  • Hallway view (Rotate 90˚/270˚)
  • Defog, motion detection, defocus detection, tampering
  • Video analytics (enter/exit, appear/disappear, virtual line)
  • PTZ hand-over feature

Wisenet X series premium line of network cameras feature Hanwha’s self-developed proprietary Wisenet 5 chipset. The full line of network cameras and NVRs make Wisenet X ideal for virtually any security and surveillance application.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Camera Line Up
  • 5MP@30 fps, 2MP@60 fps
  • WDR – 150dB @ 2MP / 120dB @ 5MP
  • Low light noise reduction technology
  • WiseStream Ⅱ
  • USB port
  • Dual SD card slot
  • Sound classification
  • Enhanced Video Analytics
  • Fog Detection
  • PTZ hand-over feature
  • Highlight Compensation (HLC)
  • High Power IR LEDs

Wisenet Q series is an affordable product line offering simple but essential features ideal to secure small to medium-sized
applications. Find your compact camera solution with the professional Wisenet Q series.

  • Indoor and Outdoor Camera Line Up
  • 2Megapixel and 4Megapixel resolution
  • Triple Codec H.265/H.264/MJPEG
  • Framerate Max. 20fps@4M, Max. 30fps@2M
  • WiseStream
  • Hallway view (Rotate 90˚/270˚)
  • LDC (Lens distortion correction)
  • True WDR (120dB)
  • Motion detection, Defocus detection, Tampering
  • Audio-in, Alarm-in/out support
  • Edge storage (micro SD/SDHC/SDXC 128GB, NAS)
  • PoE / DC dual power
  • IP66/IK10 (Outdoor cameras)
  • Compact design

Wisenet Technology

Why Wisenet Technology is the Right Choice?

The expansion of high-quality content in broadcast and digital cameras raised expectations on video quality, fueling the demand for high-resolution cameras in the video surveillance market. And as the demand for high-quality cameras increases, so does the data size from these video surveillance systems.
Expanded system scale affects the system infrastructure. For example, a broadband network environment is required for large video data transmission. More storage capacity is required and it is proportional to system development and maintenance costs.
The system can accommodate more cameras and record more footage without system expansion while reducing data size and maintaining video quality. This advancement will be more valuable for large-scale surveillance systems. The trend for security cameras is to provide high-quality video while reducing overall data transmission size.
Hanwha Techwin developed WiseStream technology to address this trend. Wisestream allows users to reduce overall data size while maintaining high-quality video.
Data compression is required for efficient network streaming due to the large data size of the original video. Video codecs are used for compression and restoration. H.264, H.265 and MPEG are the most common compression formats in the video surveillance industry and are the most widely adopted codecs in video security, providing good video quality at substantially lower bit rates than other formats.


Camera Placement Design

Is Camera Placement Important?

Camera placement is the most important part of setting up a reliable Security Surveillance Camera System. Understanding what areas need to be seen and recorded to provide the best coverage and functionality of your system is crucial. We walk our clients through step by step and advise on the best placement for each camera and camera type for each area of surveillance. 


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