Boards, Expansion Modules, etx.


    Great Norstar Digital phone system, comes with 4 of the M7208 Display Speakerphones. Color choice based upon availability of stock. Call 1-800-322-5443 with preferences.....ash/grey/black Music on Hold & Intercom PhoneGuys has a phone system to meet any budget. Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your business.


    The Norstar LS/DS Trunk Line card adds 4 CO lines to the Meridian Norstar M8x24, Norstar CICS & Norstar MICS control unit and/or the Norstar M12X0 trunk module to expand the line capability of the Norstar Modular Phone System.

  • 4 DID Card



    The Norstar DID Card provides 4 -2 wire Direct inward Dialing trunks. The Norstar DID Card is compatible with the Norstar Modular ICS ,the Norstar Compact ICS or the Norstar 824. Can add up to 3 Norstar DID Cards to 1 Norstar 12 x 0 Station Module.


    The Norstar Caller ID Trunk Line card is used to add 4 Caller ID Lines to the Norstar CICS & Norstar MICS control unit and/or the Norstar M12X0 fiber trunk module to expand the line capability of the Norstar MICS. You must have these cards in order to receive caller ID from your telephone company. This card can also be used to work with the Norstar M12x0 copper trunk module for the M8x24 KSU. Don't forget to order Caller ID from your phone company.


    Great Norstar Digital System with 6 lines and 16 extension capability includes 6 of the popular, durable and user friendly M7310 Executive Speakerphones. One year warranty on this package. Voicemail is not included; it can be added for $600.

    Also available in grey and black - Call for availability and pricing

  • Nice system for the medium size business comes with the Norstar 824 expanded to 8 by 40 able to expand to over 100 ports. Also comes with a 8 port NAM Voice Mail and 36 of the M7310 Executive Display Speakerphones and includes a M7324 with KLM for your Receptionist's station. Plus this system comes with 2 of the ATA adapters so that you can hook up single line devices, i.e. cordless phones, fax or modem to your digital Norstar system. Excellent value.


    *Ash or Grey phones only.....for Black add $10 per phone. 

  • Nice system for the growing business, comes with the 8 line and 24 extension expandable to over 100 lines or extensions and 13 of the M7310 Executive Display Speakerphones (Ash or Grey) and 1 of the M7324 Attendant Speakerphone (Ash or Grey) and also comes with a Flash 2 port Voice Mail with 25 mailboxes and Automated Attendant Add $10 each for Black phones. 

  • Norstar Plus Compact ICS set up for 4 lines and 16 extensions expandable to 8 lines and 24 extensions, comes with 1 of the T7316 Display Speakerphones and 4 of the T7208 Display Speakerphones and comes with a Call Pilot 100 Voice Mail with 4 ports and 10 mailboxes.

  • Great Norstar Plus Modular ICS system for the expanding business expands to 272 ports, comes with 24 of the M7208 Display Speakerphones and 1 of the M7324 Attendant phones with KLM addon for receptionist it also comes with a 8 port Voice Mail Applications Module expandable to 16 ports with 100 mailboxes and Auto Attendant

    *Includes Grey or Ash phones.......for Black add $10 per phone.


    This unit will add 16 digital extensions. ie. T7316,T7208,M7310. Designed for use with the Modular ICS, the Fiber Station Module adds additional station ports to the system. These units are connected to the Modular ICS by a fiber cable. Your MICS core unit will require either a 2 or 6-port slim fiber card to accept the fiber cable.

    Each Fiber Station Module expands the core Modular ICS system by up to 16 station ports.

    Requires either the 6-port or 2-port slim fiber expansion cartridge, sold separately


    This module will alow you to add up to 12 lines. Each line card handle 4 lines(not included). The Fiber Trunk Module is used to add trunk modules to the core Modular ICS by a fiber cable. Each Fiber Trunk Module holds up to three Trunk Cartridges. There is one emergency transfer port per Trunk Module.

    Supported cartridges: All analog trunk cartridges are supported; Digital Trunk Interface (DTI) cartriges and the Services Cartridges are not supported in the Fiber Trunk Module.

    Requires either the 6-port or 2-port slim fiber expansion card, sold separately.

    One year warranty. Includes mounting bracket and fiber cable.


    This allows you to add 2 expansion modules. Use the 2 port or 6 port. Expand your system's capacity! The 2-port Fiber Expansion Cartridge allows your system to accommodate more Fiber Trunk, Fiber Station, or Analog Station Modules. This module fits into slot "C" of the Modular ICS core unit.