Hosted VoIP

What is Hosted VoIP?

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The answer is simple – it’s Voice Over Internet Protocol – which is a complicated way of saying that the phone connections are made over the Internet instead of through copper wire; and that the system is ‘hosted’ in the cloud – in other words, we take care of the hardware so you don’t have to.

The only hardware that you’ll have in your location is the actual telephones and the necessary router and switch to connect them over the Internet.   These hosted phone systems offer great features, easy administration, low start-up costs, and the option of fixed monthly fees that allow unlimited calling.

Pricing from $12.50 per phone per month* – Call (800) 322-5443 or Click for Pricing


Need more detail?  A Cloud Phone System can give you all the features of what has come to be known as Unified Communications.  With UC, you no longer have to check in multiple places for your messages as the phone system delivers a copy of each voice message recording right to your preferred primary Inbox – so you can stay connected from your smart phone or laptop when you’re not sitting at your desk.   Other advantages of UC include mobility integration – which is the ability to merge phone service between your office desk phone and your cell phone.   Want calls to your office routed to your cell phone while you’re out to lunch?   With just a click you’ve got it.    Going into your child’s school play and don’t want to be bothered with work calls – just click the option to route all your work calls to voicemail during that time.    You can even be speaking on your office phone, and transfer seamlessly during the call to your cell as you walk to your car – all without the party on the other end even noticing!   This is just the beginning – contact us for a full demo.

Unlimited use plans below $20/phone/month** – (800) 322-5443  Get my Price

We’ll take care of the setup of the system and take care of all your business telephony needs so you can do the really important things – running your business.

Why is PhoneGuys the Best Place to Get Hosted VoIP?

We offer the best in class solutions from several providers and will match you up with the one that best fits your needs.   You may have heard horror stories of companies that have installed hosted VoIP only to find that the call quality was terrible, and when they called for service wound up in an offshore call center where help was not available.

With PhoneGuys – we’ll take to time to analyze your network and test to see if its ready for VoIP services.  If not, we’ll recommend additional bandwidth or LAN configuration & equipment that can get your business fully ready to take advantage of VoIP.   And we’ll be there now and in the future – just a phone call away for all of your questions and service needs.

For a Free Network Evaluation and Quotation for Hosted VoIP – (800) 322-5443 or Click

(*) – $12.50 price is the monthly usage fee for a metered phone.   Additional charges apply for minutes used.

(**) – Unlimited plans where phones share call paths are required to reach these price points – for example 8 phones sharing 4 call paths.