PhoneGuys Solid State VoIP Systems
Cut your phone bill in half  – or lower!

At PhoneGuys we have evaluated all of the latest in VoIP solutions and bring you the very best.   If you’re in need of a system that has all the latest features and technology at a great price, then these Solid State VoIP systems are the right solution.   With these systems you’ll enjoy features such as Voicemail to Email – otherwise known as Unified Communications – and virtually every feature you’ve come to expect on a business class phone system including voicemail, auto attendant, music-on-hold, conference calling, external call forward and much, much more.    And they work with a variety of dial tone including standard analog (POTS) trunks as well as Internet based SIP dial tone that can cut your phone bill in half – or even lower.

Why Solid State? – Many VoIP solutions have disk drives in them for data and software storage.   With one of these Solid State solutions – all the memory is solid state, meaning there are no moving parts which means you’ll get many years of reliable performance with few or no problems.

Beware of Licensing Fees – Other value priced systems advertise a very low price for the basic system, but then you find out that to add voicemail, additional users and features such as Unified Communications you have to purchase additional license fees which can add up to thousands of dollars in additional expense.   These solutions from PhoneGuys come fully loaded with all the standard features plus most of the advanced features found on high-end systems – all at a bundled price that can fit almost any budget.

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The Latest in Affordable, High Quality VoIP Solutions!

The SG series offered by the PhoneGuys is the latest and most powerful technology available for small business telephony.

The PhoneGuys SG-SSV is a total business communication solution for the small business.  It is an all-in-one solution that provides voice, voicemail, and can work with either traditional analog (POTS) dial tone or the cost-effective SIP dial tone.  This solution is happy operatorprovided in a single cost effective platform with all of the essential features expected by a modern small business operation.

The SG-SSV is a SIP standards voice over IP (VoIP) system offering most of the features expected in any key hybrid system such as auto attendant, voicemail, multiline appearances, DSS/BLF, IP Trunk access, and much more.

With its plug and play attributes, the system can be set up and made operational in minutes. Setup features include, a system programming wizard, plug and play automatic detection of the matching station sets (which come in a variety of sizes and prices), and automatic assignment of extension numbers.

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