Digium Switchvox

Digium Switchvox

Digium Switchvox is one of the most popular business phone systems because it’s easy to use, affordable, and fully customizable. With an assortment of useful features and the ability to provide network administrators with detailed analytics, Digium Switchvox makes your business phone system more professional and efficient.

PhoneGuys is an authorized Digium Switchvox dealer that will help you design and develop an affordable business phone system solution. Switchvox is a VoIP phone system with rich features that rise above the competition while helping you save a substantial amount of money. PhoneGuys will handle your Digium phone system installation, and offers customizable service plans that ensure reliability.

Digium Switchvox from PhoneGuys

Digium Asterisk Phones

•    PhoneGuys is an authorized Digium dealer and we can help you save money with a Switchvox business phone system
•    Digium does not charge license fees for individual features and most are built into the phone system
•    Switchvox allows the use of advanced Unified Communication tools that interfaces with popular business applications
•    As an authorized Digium Switchvox dealer, you’ll get a turn-key business phone system solution when you work with PhoneGuys
•    Get more information about Switchvox by contacting PhoneGuys today

Digium’s Switchvox provides businesses with the Unified Communications tools they need, without the high costs associated with many name-brand phone systems. An easy-to-use web interface minimizes phone system complexity while empowering business collaboration. Switchbox is also fully scalable, so it can be implemented for businesses with just a few seats, to those with 500 seats.

Digium Switchbox also boasts a full range of useful features and the latest in SIP compatible PBX solutions, which makes it easy to integrate with existing applications. For more information about Digium’s Switchvox product line, talk to one our helpful Sales Engineers today. If you’re serious about maximizing your business phone system’s power, flexibility, and control, we can help you develop an affordable Switchvox solution.

Digium Switchvox – Powerful yet simple features

When it comes to Unified Communications, the words “powerful” and “simple” are seldom used in the same sentence. When considering your phone system implementation, you may think that you have to choose between something basic and featureless or be willing to hire someone with a specialized degree to maintain your UC.

Switchvox eliminates the need to choose between cost and enhancement of a product that offers a simple browser-based interface that makes previously complex tasks intuitive and effortless. With Switchvox, Sales Engineers are able to readily handle a number of tasks that include:

Digium Switchvox Premise Based

•     Setting up speed dials

•    Forwarding and transferring calls

•    Real-time chat and video

•    Looking up employees in a company directory

Administrators will also appreciate an easy-to-use phone system devoid of complex programming languages and frustrating specialized commands interweaved with technical jargon. With Switchvox you merely point and click – it’s that easy.

Digium Switchvox helps you enhance productivity with useful analytics

Data helps you refine your business phone system’s efficiency. Switchvox delivers a number of reports directly to your web browser that makes it easy to visualize call-flow data so that phone system configurations can be altered to better suit your particular needs. These reports are presented as charts, tables, or as XML or XLS raw data files, and even offer administrators the ability to view call histories and logs.

Supervisors and managers can use Switchvox reports to ensure that your business phone system goals are being met. Just some of the metrics that can be easily measured by the hour, day, month, or year include:

•    Completed Calls
•    Abandoned Calls
•    Log in times

All of this statistical information is available on the fly so that changes can be made in real time to maximize efficiency. Switchbox makes it possible to review relevant statistics in the Switchboard Queue panel, so that the performance of individual groups may be monitored. Not only does Switchbox allow you to see how many calls are waiting in real time, administrators can schedule automatic reports based on any schedule and have them delivered directly to the inbox of all pertinent staff.

Digium Switchvox has the Unified Communications features you want

Digium offers a number of proprietary applications that can be seamlessly integrated into the Switchvox system. Today’s business phone systems must be able to extend their abilities beyond just voice, which is where application integration comes into play.

Presence Management

digium switchvox interface

 What is presence management?

Presence Management is an App that runs on your phone system and resides on your desktop PC, mobile tablet, or smartphone.    It enables you to see at a glance the status of everyone – are they “present” in the office, and if so, are they available, at lunch or in a meeting?   The result is better productivity for staff and better service for your customers.  Some example features;

  • Show the Google map of the location of an incoming call
  • Drag and drop a call to the appropriate party to handle the caller’s request
  • Instantly create a conference call, and adding participants with the click of the mouse
  • See the status of call queues
  • Show the directory and click to call anyone listed
  • Screen pop known callers information

A qualified Digium dealer can program your Digium Switchvox and provide Digium installation to take advantage of all the features of the system.   So whether you’re just looking for a dealer for equipment or full service with installation call today.tion

Switchvox Mobile

switchvox mobile

With the new SwitchVox mobile app, your remote workers can seamlessly integrate their cell phones with the enterprise phone system.   Calls flow from the office phone to the cell phone and back at the user’s desire.

And its all so seamless that you can switch from desk phone to cell phone as you walk out the door – all without your caller even noticing.

Digium Switchvox

Digium Switchvox phone systems are affordable because all of the Digium applications are free. You don’t have to pay separate licensing

fees for features that will empower your workplace and increase agent efficiency

Some of the most popular Switchvox applications include the following:

•    Switchvox for Firefox and Chrome – This application allows users to dial phone numbers directly from their browser. All you have to do is highlight the phone number and tell Switchvox to dial it. You can even tell Switchvox to automatically highlight all phone numbers on a given page.

•    Switchvox for Salesforce – For small to medium-sized business hoping to compete in a larger market, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning applications are a must. Salesforce is one of the most widely-used CRM applications, and Switchvox will work seamlessly within its framework. Features of this popular Switchvox plug-in include dialing a phone number from within Salesforce, direct call logging, and the ability to display matching records during incoming calls.

•    Switchvox for Outlook – It’s mind-boggling why so many phone systems require manual dialing from your desk phone after looking up contact information. Switchvox for Outlook eliminates this frustration by allowing contact dialing from within Outlook. Inbound calls offer a desktop notification that shows all contact information, so your agent can be conversation-ready when they answer the call.

Numerous other applications can help you customize your business phone system in countless ways. Digium Switchvox puts unlimited power in your hands and makes it possible for your phone system to evolve as your business grows.

Switchvox was designed with unified communications in mind

Your phone system should improve customer satisfaction while helping your business run more effectively. Switchvox makes it possible for small businesses to enjoy the same sophistication enjoyed by the largest of businesses at a fraction of the price. By eliminating the cost of expensive add-ons, Digium is helping their clients focus on what they do best.

Because Switchvox was developed with the needs of real businesses as its central focus, clients, users, and administrators all benefit. Other powerful features included in the Switchvox package include:

•    Call Queues – Allow multiple employees to answer incoming phone calls from multiple phone lines as a group, so that the queue keeps moving efficiently.

•    Music On Hold – You have the power to control your on-hold messaging and overall tone with the ability to upload MP3 files that will play customizable music and messaging. Increase brand recognition or run a special promotion with this powerful Switchvox feature.

•    Interactive Voice Response (IVR) –  These are also called Auto Attendants, and it allows you to present your customers with a consistent message while calls are sorted to the proper destination. You can make the selections as simple or as complex as necessary. Best of all, Switchvox makes IVRs easy to create and maintain with a simple point-and-click interface that anyone can use. Create event-based alerting solutions or automate various modes to control call flow without any formal training with programming code.

Your business has unique phone system needs that Switchvox can likely fulfill. For questions involving add-ons or professional business phone system features, contact one of the helpful PhoneGuys Sales Engineers for more information.

PhoneGuys will install your Digium Switchvox business phone system

As a trusted Digium dealer serving businesses all over the United States, PhoneGuys is ready to help you get the most out of your phone system. Whether you’re just starting out or are in need of advanced business solutions, we will work with you to streamline your business phone system with the Powerful and affordable Switchvox line.

We proudly offer affordable prices on Digium Switchvox systems and will help you get the most out of your UC by building in useful add-ons that streamline productivity. Because Digium does not require license fees for every add-on or feature, Switchvox allows you to save money without sacrificing essential features. This is especially appealing to small businesses who need the power of Unified Communications at their fingertips.

Contact one of our Sales Engineers today to find out more about Digium phone system installations and how we can save you money.

PhoneGuys offers ongoing support for your Digium Switchvox solution

One of the most appealing attributes of Switchvox is its simplicity. However, sometimes problems arise or your business evolves in unforeseen ways, which is why we offer a customizable service plan that helps your business phone system avoid costly downtime.

Support is available 24/7, and it’s one of the reasons we’ve earned our stellar reputation in the industry and maintained our business for more 

two decades. No matter where your business is located in the United States, we offer continued reliable support and service that will never let you down. Focus on the needs of your customers and grow your business with help from the authorized Digium Switchvox dealers at PhoneGuys.

Contact PhoneGuys today for a free consultation

Is Switchvox the right phone system for your business needs? Give us a call, talk to an agent, and find out. Once we have an idea of what you’re looking for, we will help you maximize your budget with a phone system that exceeds your goals and keeps your customers happy. When you contact us for a consultation, there is no obligation. Our goal is to provide you with the facts about Switchvox and prove how we can save you money.

Now is the time to empower your employees with Digium’s powerful and affordable Switchvox system. You can enjoy the same features available in the biggest name brands for a fraction of the price. PhoneGuys will increase your savings with wholesale prices and dedication to your ongoing growth and expansion.

If you have questions, we have answers. Contact one of our Sales Engineers today and find out how we can help you get the most out of your business phone system and Unified Communications with Switchvox from Digium.

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