Here are two critical issues to consider as you select a vendor to serve your telecommunications needs.


  1. Successful VoIP telephone implementations require two critical competencies – experience and skill in telephony implementation, and deep knowledge of networking, especially as it relates to voice traffic.   Many old-school phone companies have the first skill, but lack the ability to configure and trouble shoot networks to get the call quality right.   And there are numerous IT firms that have entered the telephony business now, but most of them don’t understand the nuances of call routing, call queues, IVR’s, and other complex features that optimize a phone system for a busy operation such as yours.   At PhoneGuys – we’ve been doing phone systems for 22 years, and VoIP networking for 15 – so we are very strong in both disciplines and well positioned to deliver you the best functionality and service for your system.


  1. A key to a successful VoIP deployment is planning – and we have a very disciplined process for gathering your requirements, interviewing key users, designing the system, programming, deployment and training.   We utilize a detailed Statement of Work for all deployments of over 50 phones which outlines a complete project plan with timelines, dependencies and a customized Gantt chart. We’ve also developed a proprietary tool for gathering all of your requirements – from site data, network configuration, and user information that allows us to program your system correctly the first time.  With a documented plan in place, and a dedicated project manager from PhoneGuys overseeing all activities, we can ensure a successful deployment with minimal disruption to your operation and the design and training that will give you the optimal utilization of the system’s features.