Digium Switchvox is one of the very best telephone systems that you can buy for your business.   These systems are great for any business that has from 2 to 20,000 telephone users and also have unparalleled capabilities for linking together diverse enterprises with numerous locations.  You can enjoy the industry leading Unified Communication features of Digium Switchvox in a hosted product – where the actual PBX hardware is in the cloud, or you can have a premise based Switchvox solution where you own the PBX server and locate it in your LAN room or data center.

The question is – once I’ve decided on Digium whom should I buy from?

You can contact Digium and order directly from them – but if you need installation or programming and setup, you will want to work through a Digium reseller like PhoneGuys.   Here are just some of the advantages of working with a top Digium distributor:

  1. Cloud and Premise Based Solutions – a top distributor selling both Digium Cloud and Digium Switchvox hardware can give you the full analysis of both solutions and the complete story on the 5 year cost of ownership.  While Cloud may be appealing for its low up front cost and simple setup, you may pay twice as much over 5 years as compared to owing your own Switchvox appliance.   Make sure you get non-biased full analysis from a reseller that does both.
  2. Best Pricing – if you buy direct from Digium or from a smaller reseller you will pay list price for Digium hardware.   With a top level Select reseller such as PhoneGuys your purchase may be eligible for a discount on Digium Switchvox hardware.DPPA2016-RGB
  3. Full Service including Installation & Training – if you want a turn key solution with all of the onsite work handled by a single vendor that takes complete responsibility for the project, you’ll need to work with a Digium reseller.  And PhoneGuys is the winner of the coveted Pinnacle Partner award given by Digium to its most successful resellers.
  4. Certified Technicians – if you buy Digium from a company that is not an authorized reseller, its likely that their technicians have not attended all of the Digium training to become certified.   The best choice is to work with a Certified Select Level Authorized Digium Reseller – like PhoneGuys.
  5. National Presence – the best distributors (and there are only a few in the entire nation) have the ability to provide onsite installation and service in all 50 states.   The best of these is PhoneGuys with more than 20 years experience and over 20,000 customers in all 50 states.   Even if you only have one office today – you’ll be better off with a partner that can be ready for opening that new sales or distribution office in another state when the time comes

Best Pricing on Switchvox – Certified Digium Technicians –  Install/Training/Support – 50 State Presence

The best place to buy Switchvox is PhoneGuys.

The best Digium reseller is PhoneGuys.

You best partner for all your business telecommunication needs.