How can I substantially cut my business phone bill without sacrificing call quality?

Step 1 – Choose the Right SIP Compatible System

At PhoneGuys we have evaluated all of the latest in VoIP solutions and bring you the very best.

If you’re in need of a system that has the latest features but your budget is tight, then a Solid State VoIP system may be the right solution.   With these systems you’ll enjoy features such as Voicemail to Email – otherwise known as Unified Communications – and virtually every feature you’ve come to expect on a business class phone system including voicemail, auto attendant, music-on-hold, conference calling, external call forward and much, much more.    And they work with a variety of dial tone including standard analog (POTS) trunks as well as Internet based SIP dial tone that can cut your phone bill in half – or even lower.

If you want more advanced features or plan to run a call center or a multi-location operation, then you should consider the SPX Advanced Business System.  These systems have an amazing feature set and you can configure them with your choice of any major brand of SIP compatible phones.  You’ll get all this at a very affordable price.

And if you desire the polished look and feel of an elegant UI (User Interface), along with the powerful software features from “the Asterisk Company”, then the Digium Switchvox is your choice.   SwitchVox has all the features of the high end systems such as ShoreTel and Cisco at a better price.

Step 2 – Utilize SIP Dialtone Over a Capable Broadband Connection

PhoneGuys can help you with testing your current broadband connection to make sure it is capable of supporting your VoIP phone needs.  We’ll run both speed tests and VoIP call simulations to ensure that your Local Area Network (LAN) and broadband Internet connection are adequate.   If not – we can help with a great selection of business class broadband providers that we represent – and you’ll be guaranteed the lowest pricing.

Now that you’ve got a good connection – you just need to order SIP diatone.  You can either a fixed rate plan that sets your monthly bill to a fixed amount, or you can select a metered plan that charges just for minutes used.   In either case, you’ll find that the cost will be a fraction of the costs of providers such as AT&T and Verizon.

Step 3 – Work with Experts That Understand Both IT & TeleCom

Your phone system is the lifeline of your business, so it pays to work with experts.   PhoneGuys has over 20 years in telecommunications for small & medium businesses all across North America, and we’ve been doing VoIP and LAN work for 15 years.   If you choose to work with an old-school telecom company, they may not understand LAN architecture and the result can be poor call quality.   If you work with a data services company that recently started doing VoIP systems, they may not fully understand all the intricacies of business phone systems and how to use auto attendants, ring groups, call queues, CCR trees, etc. to get the most value from the system.   So make the right choice and go with pros that understand both telephony and LAN – go with PhoneGuys Voice & Data Systems, Inc.     Call (800) 322-5443 for your free consultation now or go online and chat.