The Latest in SIP Compatible PBX Solutions

GXP2160frontThese leading edge technology solutions are capable of running large operations including call center phone systems of up to 500 seats and they include amazing features that will knock your socks off. You won’t find better value anywhere than with an Asterisk Phone System.


The open source Asterisk phone system allows for amazing flexibility in integration with existing business applications, and can provide the best combination of low cost/powerful features for advanced business requirements.


Find out more about these incredibility exciting asterisk phone systems that allow you maximum power, control and flexibility for your business. If you need a call center phone system, we are experts with more than 20 years experience – and an asterisk call center is the most advanced technology you can buy.


We provide expert consultancy on several types of Asterisk solutions and also do custom Asterisk builds and custom Asterisk programming. Asterisk Call Centers are a specialty – for more on call center systems click here.


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Digium Switchvox Systems


PhoneGuys is an authorized dealer of the amazing Digium Switchvox product line. If you are considering a high-end system such as Cisco or ShoreTel you owe it to yourself to get a demo on the Digium products – the features blow away the competition and you’ll save a substantial amount of money in an Asterisk open source solution. Click here for more info.

Enhanced Features Built on Open Source – Digium is “the Asterisk Company” so you’ll get all the benefits of this powerful open-source software-based PBX. With Switchvox, you also get the benefit of a complete suite of interfaces and configuration applications that make is simple to administer this powerful system. Take full advantage of advanced Unified Communications tools, Mobility applications, Presence Management, and interfaces with popular business applications such as And everything is in a beautiful graphical interface that makes administration a breeze. And unlike other solutions built on the Asterisk platform, Digium will not nickel and dime you with license fees for each and every feature – most of the popular business features come built into the base asterisk phone system package.

SPX Advanced Business System

The SPX is an advanced Software Powered PBX that delivers features on a par with high end systems like Shoretel and Cisco at a fraction of the price. PhoneGuys is the leading distributor of this product, so there is no better place to buy.

With an SPX you can choose from rack mount or a variety of other platforms, and virtually any SIP compatible phone will function. Unlike other solutions that charge license fees for adding users and features – with SPX virtually everything you’ll need now and in the future is included in the price. Click here for more info.

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E-MetroTel – Asterisk VoIP That Lets You Keep Your Nortel Phones

The E-MetroTel UCX is a cost-effective next-generation Nortel Norstar, BCM, M-1 and CS 1000 replacement solution, supporting both IP and traditional digital & analog technologies simultaneously, making your migration to SIP based VoIP deployment that much easier. It also means you can start benefiting from the latest technologies while leveraging your existing investments.

Delivering the latest Unified Communication features such as integrated mobility, Home working, Call Recording, Meet-Me Conferencing including support for SIP compliant telephones and cost effective SIP trunks. With it’s built-in support for Nortel Heritage IP & Digital phones it is the perfect cost effective upgrade for the many installed Nortel systems. UCX is ‘Exceptional at saving you money’, don’t buy another communication system for your office without looking at UCX first. Learn More

Solid State Asterisk VoIP Systems

solid_voip_new-2These systems have amazing features – they are based on the state-of-the-art Asterisk platform. They are also perfect for the small business that is on a budget and may not be able to afford a premium priced solution. You will enjoy Unified Communications features and have a wide range of choices in desk phones – all in systems with prices starting below $1,000 for a complete 3 phone system. Call today or click here for more info.

Custom Asterisk System Builds & Asterisk Programming

PhoneGuys also offers custom Asterisk systems built to your specific requirements. Whether its linking a 12 location business spread across the globe, or setting up a tightly managed call center with 250 seats, we have the experience and know-how to deliver you a cost effective solution that will make your business more efficient and profitable. And – we will do a free consultation to help you decide what features and configuration makes the most sense for your business.

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